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** Model name Galaxy Note20 Ultra
** Wireless carrier Unlocked
** Brand SAMSUNG
** Form factor Smartphone
** Memory storage capacity 256 GB
About this item
** Ultra in every way: introducing galaxy note20 ultra 5g, the powerphone that forever changes how you work and play. It’s the ultimate gaming experience that goes where you go, it’s a director grade 8k video camera, ** it’s a multitasking computer suite and it’s anything but your average smartphone. Plus, you can enjoy the galaxy’s most powerful and responsive s pen yet, it puts more control than ever before between your fingers.
** Pro grade triple camera: millions more pixels means ultra high resolution and exponentially more detailed photos. With 108mp on galaxy note20 ultra 5g, you can pinch in on the background and see it just as clearly as the whole picture. Also features one 12mp ultra wide camera, one 12mp telephoto camera and one 10mp selfie camera.
** Resolution video: 8k video, the resolution video in a smartphone, delivers beyond cinematic footage, making your 8k content and high res pics worthy of its own theater. Plus.8k video snap.lets you pull an album of crisp photos right out of every 8k video.
** Hyperfast data speeds: galaxy note20 ultra 5g connects you to everything you love at unprecedented speeds, so whether you’re streaming your favorite xcloud games with 5g, or watching movies with wi fi, the intelligent processor has the power to handle the load.
** All day battery power: our all day intelligent battery harnesses the power of a 4500mah battery, with new power efficient display and processor that outlasts the day. Plus enjoy 8gb ram, super fast charging, giving you hours of power in minutes of charge, fast wireless charging 2.0 for a quick power up without the cable and wireless power share to use your phone to charge your buds, watch or even a friend’s phone.
** Super smooth display: dynamic amoled 2x, the brightest, most vivid display ever in a galaxy, delivers a stunning visual experience, with accurate and true to life color even in sunlight. Also features our smoothest screen with a refresh rate that adjusts between 120hz based on the content you’re viewing and tough gorilla glass, designed to scratch less and protect both front and back.
** Connector type : usb type C.